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Oct 12th, 2017






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AV Japanese This time this interview is a 20 - year - old woman in the hometown, "Pearl Chichi" by Picchi Pichi. As you imagine from the gaudy appearance, I feel like playing around ... When I listen to the story, he is a fiery man with a number of experienced people of 20 and 20 years old. Considering from the timing of the first experience, it is supposed to be saving experience value steadily at a considerable high pace. She seems to love her very much, so she is not particularly resistant to raw sex, if it feels good, okay. The ideal type starts shooting when it rides on the provocation that people who do severe sex. I take off the clothes with a high degree of exposure and get it, black underwear. Tell the experience value. It is a veteran naturally om thank you in that. Before you taste the mouth you've caught a couple of things, you will see a blowjob that you are good at. If you think that it contains mouth so that you can keep eating, you can tell what kind of education you've been doing by using the tongue. Tongue tech moving in the mouth while in the mouth increases expectation. I tasted it quickly because I liked being touched hard from the back. Because of youth or consciousness, it is on the verge of a violent clown pussy. I moved to bed and had hard sex, the last was inside creampie. It is frightful of the potential of young girls. And this is an amateur and the fact that it is a girl in the neighborhood. It is a must-see content.

今回のガチ面接は二十歳の就活中女子、ぴっちぴちの”杏樹チャン”。見た目の派手さから想像するに、遊びまくっているような感じですが… 話を聞いてみると若干二十歳にして経験人数5、60人という猛者。初体験のタイミングから考えるとかなりのハイペースで順調に経験値を貯めている事になります。そんな彼女、やはりエッチが大好きのようで生セックスに対しても特に抵抗なく、気持ち良ければオッケー。理想のタイプは激しいセックスをしてくれる人という挑発に乗っかりいざ撮影スタート。露出度の高い洋服を脱いで貰うと、黒い下着。経験値を物語ります。その奥にあるオマ○コも当然ベテランのそれ。何本も咥えてきた下の口を味わう前に自身が得意とするフェラを見せてもらいます。食らいつく様に口に含んだかと思えば、どんな教育をされてきたのかが手に取る様に分かる舌使い。口に含んだまま中で動かす舌テクに期待感が高まります。バックから激しく突かれるのが好みとの事で早速味見。若さゆえか意識的か、締まりの良いマンコに暴発寸前。ベッドに移動してハードなセックスを繰り広げ、最後は中出し。若い娘のポテンシャルの凄まじさたるや。そしてこれが素人でその辺に居る女の子だという事実。必見の内容となっております。

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