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LUXURY TV 259LUXU-796 Yasui Sasaki 27 years old Teacher of Flower Classroom


uploaded Nov 5th, 2018



Nov 5th, 2018




Yasui Sasaki


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Luxury TV


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セックス Ms. Maki who is a teacher of a flower arrangement class usually. Last year, it seems that my classroom has been opened with my wishes come true. The reason for starting flower arrangement was because I was struck by seeing Mr. Yaei's teacher's solo exhibition at college age, I heard that he decided to proceed to flower arrangement like a teacher. Why did she decide to appear appearing to be far from AV? She says that it is because she did not have contact with men for 5 years and felt impatience. It was the last time that I had sex with my boyfriend who was dating at the age of 20, and since then I have lived a lot of work, so I guessed that I should be honest with myself soon. Because it seems that the work has also settled down a little about a year ago when we opened the classroom, and the desire for men became stronger. Every day, Mr. Yaie who is comforting herself imagining the sex with a wonderful person who saw it in the street and a person in the TV. Her eyes answering "I want to kiss first" ... without question as to the question of what I would like to do at the beginning of photography was the eyes of a desire-hungry woman ... ...


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Arrangement Classroom Starting Flower Arrangement Exhibition Decided Arrangement




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