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LuxuryTV 259LUXU-988 Ruri Kitayama 31 year old bar management


uploaded Aug 9th, 2018



Aug 9th, 2018




Kitayama Ruri


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Luxury TV


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It is my first appearance that I came today, Ruri Kitayama (31 years old). Mr. Ruri is a bar manager and a manager of a surfer who has three shops in 23 wards. There seems to be a dream of increasing the number of stores and opening up stores overseas. Such a lady, now her boyfriend is pear. There seems to be plenty of work pattern encounters, but there seems to be an implicit rule that people working at the bar should not have any relationships with customers. Mr. Ruri said that neither himself or herself will be closely related to customers before employees of the shop are so educated. Such a serious Ruri has 4 associates and 4 experienced people. It seems to be a type to associate long with a single person, and it seems that it will lead to almost now without playing. There is an experienced image of people working at night, but it seems to be a solid type of surprise. When asked why such serious Ruri applied for AV this time, "I want to refresh because I work only every day, I want stimulation ...". And it seems that that mind is like "sex." It is horny Ruri sama like this, but he seems to have been having sex for about a year since I broke up with my boyfriend. Today I got a spirit and seemed to have undergarment underwear so quickly I saw you sexy black lingerie. I can not be mind watching with a tight, beautiful body. Let 's enjoy thoroughly sex for the first time in about a year today.


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